1107031831KayDance focuses on eye grabbing dance moves that will get you in shape and make you feel sexy! This high energy dance class will turn you into the star of the night anywhere you go. Dance is a great way of getting and staying in shape while having fun and meeting new people!

We learn dances that targets particular muscle groups to help tone and lean muscle. We start the class with stretching then we work on a variety of dances including belly dance for the abdomen, hip hop for the lower back and legs, tektonic for the arms, and contemporary for balance. At the end of the class we do a few exercises that will help build up our thigh and gluteal muscles that are essential for dance and we close the class with yoga to calm and stretch the body.

Please be sure to bring water and a yoga mat for the fitness and conditioning aspect of the class. Dance shoes, gogo boots, or heels are the only shoes allowed on the dance floor.

Classes are on Sunday’s from 6pm-7pm and open studio time from 5pm-6pm. We are located At The Studio – 5726 Evers Rd San Antonio TX 78238.
$10 Per Week
$30 Per Month

Email me at kaylynn.syrin@gmail.com! Like our Facebook page to get the latest news and information about the class!